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The Olive Tree

Jeremiah 17:8
"They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes; its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit."

Mission Statement: To promote the sale of olives trees to Florida farmers and landscapers as an alternative crop to citrus. To educate people on the health benefits of olive products and to grow, sell and produce olive trees and healthy all natural products made from olives.

Olive Trees For Sale. We carry 3 varieties. These varieties of olive trees do well in zones 8 and 9. 

Arbequina Olive Trees (Spanish Variety) , Arbosana Olive Trees (Spanish Variety) and

Koroneiki Olive Trees (Greek Variety)

These are some olive tree products.




Olive Harvest The Olive Grove Brooksville Olive Leaves for Tea The Olive Grove Brooksville Small Olive Tree w Olives The Olive Grove Brooksville, FL Olive Oil The Olive Grove Brooksville, FL Olive Wood Bowl
Fresh picked raw olives ready for curing, Olive leaves to be dried and steeped for tea. Olives maturing on a less than one year old olive tree sapling. Fresh Pressed Olive oil Olive Wood Products Olive Oil Soap (castile)

The Varieties of olive trees that we sell are used for SUPER HIGH DENSITY ORCHARDS but can also be used for landscaping or smaller scale hand picked harvesting.
 Arbequina, Arbosano and Koreneiki varieties are traditionally used for oil production.  According to the leading California experts they are well adapted for planting and growing in a super high density, vineyard-like format and easily trained on trellises.

Arbequina: from Spain with a weeping shape. This variety has been the most widely planted variety in Spain for several years in super high density systems. Its oil is aromatic and fruity, it adapts well to dense planting because of its small size. Elliptical leaves are shiny dark green in color. Produces good quality oil. perfect for gourmet cooking, table olives, soap, soup and tea can be made from the leaves.

Arbosana : Is also from Spain. This variety has fruit that looks very much like Arbequina fruit but it matures about three weeks later and the foliage is slightly different in color. It also has a fruity flavor but is slightly more bitter than the Arbeqeina, also used for gourmet cooking, curing, soaps, soups and teas. Arbosana and Arbequina should only be picked by hand because machinery will damage the fruit .

Koroneiki: from Greece is also the primary oil variety of Greece. It has a small oval shaped fruit and the oil is green in color with a fruity flavor. It has a long shelf life of two or more years. Koroneiki can be machine harvested because its fruit is smaller and tougher with high yields. 

Thinking about growing olive trees and want more info on how, where, when and how many?

There are many types of olive  trees, however, these 3 are proven to grow and produce well in Florida or Zones 8 and 9. What Hardiness Zone are you you in? Better check

Growing olive trees is easy, even those without green thumbs can grow an olive tree.  Growing an olive tree The Olive Grove Brooksville, FL Click the photo to learn how to grow an olive tree?

Olive Trees make great indoor house plants or patio plants too, they do very well by large windows or glass doors. Our olive trees are self pollinating and will bear fruit even indoors or in pots.      An olive tree is also a perfect tree for creating an olive tree bonsai.   Here's how?

Olive oil has been made for thousands of years under the crudest conditions and is still being made that way today, Olive Pressing  though machinery is the best way for large quantity pressing, taste and quality.Olive Oil Machine  Press Do you how olives are milled or pressed?  Olive Oil Press Olive Grove Brooksville

 Making olive oil on a small scale is pretty easy too.  Making Olive Oil The Olive Grove Brooksville, FL Click the photo to see how and to also view some other olive recipes.


At harvest time you will enjoy curing the olives from your tree. There are many different ways to cure olives and the taste, freshness and health benefits can't be beat.   Our olives are cured in a salt water brine then packed with our own farm grown fresh picked herbs and spices. We never use chemicals.  

Olive Leaf Tea has been used for centuries the health benefits are many and it tastes good too.  Learn more about the health benefits of olive leaf tea Olive leaf tea Olive Grove florida,  olive oil and skin care . Test and studies on health benefits.

Olive Trees make great gifts and are a symbol of peace and prosperity. You can buy olive trees directly from our olive tree nursery, come on down and pick some out. We also sell large quantities of 100 olive trees or more wholesale to farmers or those who want to plant an olive grove of their own.

We ship olive trees for free visit our    or call  us 352-345-5940.

We sell 3 varieties of fresh pressed high quality extra virgin olive oil that is pressed from the same 3 varieties of the olive trees that we sell. Free samples of olive oil are always available.

Check out our Schedules to see what's happening on the Olive Grove , we have live entertainment, soap making, seminars on growing olive trees in Florida, olive tree bonsai making, olive oil tasting and 2 Festivals a year.  

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We love parties and group gatherings and can supply almost any type of entertainment for your event. 

We are located on the Suncoast Bicycle Trail two miles north of the State Road 50 Trail Head. Park at The Olive Grove on the weekends and ride your bike, it's healthy and free.

Thank you for visiting Florida Concerts "The Olive Grove" website.  Our mission is to educational people on the profits and health benefits of olive trees and olive products and about olive trees and Florida. If you still have questions or need more info or for wholesale prices please contact us anytime at 352-345-5940, email, or  come by The Olive Grove.

Our regular hours of operation are Saturday and Sunday 10am-6pm and weekdays by appointment.

Cambren and Dede


Did you know that olive trees love the Florida climate and sandy soil?  Find out more....