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Visit The Olive Grove Brooksville, FL

Holiday Special

Includes your choice of (1) Arbequina, Arbosana or Koroneiki Olive Tree, (1) Arbequina, Arbosana or Koroneiki Single Variety Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil 12oz Tinted Bottle,

(1) 7oz Olive Leaf Tea and Olive Oil Soap.

$55.00 Includes Tax and Free Shipping.


Olive Tree, Oil, Soap and Tea Choices


Make your holiday gift this year at the

All Natural Soap Making Workshop Saturday November 29 at 2PM $20.00

Includes all supplies & refreshments - makes 10 or more bars.

November 29th 2PM Soap Making

The Olive Grove is an organic olive orchard of over 200 traditionally spaced olive trees with a spacing of 18 - 20 feet apart.   Among the grove are Arbequina, Arbosana and Koroneiki olive trees.

In the Olive Grove Country Store you will find the highest quality extra virgin cold pressed and unfiltered olive oil,  infused olive oil, infused vinegar, cured olives, raw olives, olive oil soap (Castile),  olive leaf tea and other olive products, organic spices and mixes, natural extracts, dried herbs, fruit mixes, jams and jellies, sauces, fresh all natural pastas, homemade and handmade items. 

Olive Oil Soap Castile Olive Grove Brooksville, FL

Visit The Olive Grove and Farm Store Saturday and Sunday 10AM -6PM or by Appointment.

OR Visit

Olives growing on small trees - The Olive Grove Broosville, FL

Visit Our Online Store

Thinking about growing olive trees and want more info on how, where, when and how many?

 Learn more about the varieties that we grow and sell?

Olive Trees purchased after November 1st should be kept in a pot until Spring.  Olive Trees make great gifts. 

  Our regular shipping trees are 2' 2/12' tall.

Online Orders Have no Tax or Shipping Charges. Trees are shipped already staked.

Koroneiki Olives Olive Tree Saplings The Grove Brooksville, FL Arbequina Olives

Koroneiki Olives

Olives growing on small trees - The Olive Grove Broosville, FL Arbequina Olives

 Our Mission is educate people on the health benefits and uses of olives, olive oil, olive leaf and olive products.  We offer workshops on infusing olive oil, infusing vinegar, olive oil soap making (using all natural garden grown and organic ingredients),  making a bonsai olive tree, making mosaics , working with clay and creating an ancient style olive oil lamp, curing olives and more.  FREE weekly seminars on "Growing Olive Trees in Florida" and "How Olive Oil is Processes" are held Saturdays at 2PM. 

Olive Leaf Tea Olive Grove Brooksville, FL

Olive Oils with natural herbs olive grove brooksville

soapmaking on the olive grove brooksville, fl

Fresh Olive Leaf Tea Olive Grove Brooksville, FL

 Join The Workshops email us at

Workshop & Seminar Schedule

Clubs and groups of 5 or more are invited for private tours, seminars and workshops. 

Private and Open Groups and Clubs are welcome to meet at the Olive Grove call 352-345-5940 to reserve a time.


Learn: Cast on two ways, knit and pearl, increase and decrease, make color changes, fix common mistakes, gauge, to read patterns, complete the project of your choice from the selection offered by instructor.

More Information and to Join The Classes


Saturday Morning Children's Greek Mythology Story and Workshop On the Grove.

Have a snack (provided), sit in the Olive Grove and learn why "Athena's gift of the Olive Tree" was such a special gift to the people?

Make an ancient style olive oil lamp.

Everyone gets an olive tree to take home and plant or pot.


Athena holding and olive branch olive grove brooksville, fl

Groups of 5 members or more for Greek Mythology and Workshop contact Dede 352345-5940 or email

 Reserve a Saturday Morning Story Time and Workshop for your Group on the Olive Grove.   Weekdays by special request.


Bring YOUR lesson or story and/ or workshop and snack to the Olive Grove, reserve an hour or two or a full day on a Saturday or Sunday or Weekdays by special request.   Free! 

Bring your bicycle too!!!!  We're on the Suncoast Bike Path.

 The Hernando Fireside Guitar and Folk Circle meet every 1st Sunday of each month.  Open to all who want to Jam or Listen. 

 Cooler's and 4 legged family members welcome.

Next Meeting "SUNDAY November 2nd, 2014

Free Concerts On Our Own Country Stage Promote Local Artists and Performers. 

Coolers and 4 legged family members are always welcome.   

More info about events

2014 Event Photos

We offer free use of our stage for practices, performances, gatherings, jams, causes, fundraisers and events, we have a full professional PA system available.

Two National Concerts and Festival Events Per Year Are Held On The Olive Grove For Our Annual

 Spring Planting  & Fall Harvest Events.

"more information about this Fall's Harvest Olive Festival"

 RENT THE OLIVE GROVE and STAGE for your Private Party or Event, we have a full professional PA system. 


The Olive Grove is Perfect for a Romantic Peaceful Country Wedding Ceremony and Reception, Party, Birthday Party, Bachelor or Bachelorette Party, Family Gathering, Rehearsal Party, Jam, Fireside Chat or Jam, Camping, Theatre Performance and Rehearsals.....

We take care of everything, the ceremony, catering and the entertainment.

or you take care of everything and use our stuff.  Use our grounds, kitchen, grill, bar, stage and PA. 

The Olive Grove is located at 15016 Rester Dr on the Sun Coast Bicycle Path and offers cyclists free parking and free cold bottled water any Saturday or Sunday 10am-6pm.

Great place and to begin or end a bike ride event.  

Contact Us


 Cambren and Dede Davis Pisa, Italy - Olive Grove Brooksville, FL


Warning!! All olive growers read this Olive Tree Pests

Find out the latest olive news, new health findings, our seminar and workshop schedules and upcoming events.


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